angela rossen

australian marine and landscape artist

Environmental Science Art Workshops


The Environmental Science Art Workshop, which is featured in the documentary above, takes primary school students out into nature to observe and record the living things in the environment. Students make a biodiversity survey and then collaborate to create a major artwork which documents their findings. These workshops address the learning areas of: Science Understanding, Science as Human Endeavour and Science Enquiry Skills within the Australian School Currilulum. The Cross Curiculum Priority of Sustainablilty underpins the methodology of the Environmental Science Art Workshops.

My eBook Ocean and Coast is a resource book for primary school teachers and tracks a number of biology projects based around the biota of the coast and near shore marine environment. Also available in print.

The Ocean slideshows below document workshops from field trip to finished painting, including the introductory picture show. Phone or email to discuss how an Environmental Science Art Workshop can fit in at your school.

Fremantle Primary School - Ocean Environmental Art Workshop

download pdf

Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Ocean Environmental Art Workshop

download pdf

Workshops can be tailored to suit. Contact me to discuss what you would like for your group.